Fizz: A young woman's quest to unravel the universe
A young woman's quest
to unravel the universe
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Fizz interview questions

  • Why should we care about physics?
  • Why read about physics through an "edu-novel"?
  • Why choose Fizz as a woman character? Weren't almost all the historical physicists men?
  • What do you have Fizz coming from a future anti-technology "eco-community"?
  • Do you really expect readers to understand Einstein's theory of relativity after reading Fizz?
  • Who is your favorite historical physicist and why?
  • Do you think we will ever fully decipher the universe?
  • What were humankind's biggest surprises in studying the physical world?
  • Who is credited as the world's first scientist?
  • Would you say that Fizz just studies science or actually judges the value of science?
  • Fizz was published on the 100th anniversary of Einstein's discovery that space and time are curved. Can you tell us about that?
  • The author is a character in the book? What's that all about? What was that like to write?